What is Stealth Vaping and Zero Vaping and How to Do Them

In this article I'll show how you can stealth or zero vape.


by Jacob Grendl

One of the coolest features about vaping is that they make larger clouds which are actually fun to watch, right?

Well, not every other time and everywhere you don’t want to create or enjoy this fun stuff.

Sometimes, you don’t want to be caught up while vaping because you don’t want to pull unwanted attention towards yourself.

Maybe vaping is banned in that specific region or maybe you are keeping secrets from your parents or closed ones that you have taken up vaping.

So, you cannot vape in fear of being caught just because it creates larger clouds which eventually draws attention?

Don’t worry, fellas.

The solution has come all thanks to the “technological revolution”.


“Stealth Vaping” and “Zero Vaping” are the saviors you should look up to whenever you want to vape discreetly.

So, what is this “Stealth Vaping” and “Zero Vaping” and how do they save you as well as how to vape these?

To have the answer, you will have to walk with to the rest of the article.

What is Stealth Vaping?

I assume you are quite familiar with the word “Stealth” and “Stealth Vaping” completely defines the core meaning.

So, by now you should have understood that when you are vaping in a discreet manner you are doing stealth vaping.

Its needless to say that vaping creates slightest of the aroma to be noticeable.

So, odor is not the real deal here.

It’s the cloud that’s always been the visible feature of vaping.

Basically, Stealth vaping involves small vapes that creates very small or medium sized puffs.

The most interesting fact is that you can regulate the size of the puffs.

Devices that have low power or tight MTL draw works best for stealth vaping.

This mode of vaping generally works where the vaping has been strictly prohibited or banned.

Generally, the following areas are the places you cannot vape:

  • Airplanes
  • Government property grounds
  • Public transportation
  • Theaters
  • Hospitals
  • Schools

How to Do Stealth Vaping?

When you are trying to do stealth vaping, at first, make up your mind that no one would notice you no matter what because the reality is everyone is busy with their business.

Its more like an art to keep calm and do stealth vaping anyway.

But if you follow the followings, there is little chance for you to get caught.

Have a Small Vape

Small vapes tend to have low power which create smaller clouds.

As small vape, you can get ultra-portable pod vapes or vape pens. They are so small that they look like a USB flash drive and they are perfectly fitted to be at your 5th pocket of your jeans.

Cover the Lights

Every vaping devices have a small LED light and it generally activates whenever you draw on the device.

But the good thing is that the LED light is so small that you can cover them with your fingers.

Don’t forget to cover the lights especially in the low light condition because chances of get attention in that situation is pretty much high.

Take Shorter Draws

The science is simple. The shorter drag you take, the smaller the puffs or clouds will be.

Its beyond questionable that deep draws are satisfying.

But the whole idea of stealth vaping is that you don’t want to let anyone realize that you are vaping.

So, take small draws and then slightly purse your lips to disperse the clouds or vapors.

What is Zero Vaping?

“Zero Vaping” is an advanced form of “Stealth Vaping” where a vaper takes a hit but do not exhale any vapor or cloud.

Slick style, right?

But honestly, few people can master the technique.

Once you are a master of stealth vaping, only then you should take up zero vaping.

This style is so discreet that the person sitting next to you will understand that you are just raising your hand for no reason.

But the case is you are holding a vape in your hand and doing vaping.

Don’t forget that all the things I told you about to follow stealth vaping are also applicable for zero vaping too- get small vapes, cover LED light, take small hit.

But the harsh reality is, even if you are a master of zero vaping, there are chances for you to get caught.

Because, while you are taking hits, the vape creates a bubbly noise which is somewhat enough to get attention towards yourself.

Again, even if you are not exhaling any vapor, the uncovered part of the device may emit some cloud which is also responsible for getting attention.

How to Do Zero Vaping?

“Zero Vaping” requires lots of practice to fully master the technique.

Just understand the fact that you are going to mess in the first few attempts.

But if you are a good stealth vaper and do practice for zero vaping, gradually you will become a good zero vaper.

There are two different MTL methods for zero vaping.

Try them both and check which one works best for you.

But if you are a beginner, I would recommend to go with the short inhale method.

Take Several Short, Quick Inhales:

At first, take the first hit but don’t exhale. 

Instead take a rapid inhalation of air through your mouth and nose.

Don’t exhale now. Try to hold it for a longer period.

Do this process for a few more times until your lungs get full.

After then, wait for a second or two and then exhale downwards with your pursed lips.

A Long, Single Inhalation

Take a small puff and send it to the lungs with a deep and large inhale for 3-5 seconds.

Don’t get over excited while doing. Just try to do it with the simplest manner and inhale small amount of vapor over a course of time.

Remember, long but slow inhalation is the key note here.

Finally, exhale downwards with pursed lips.

By now, you must have realized that zero vaping is not a piece of cake.

But as the proverb goes “Practice makes a man perfect”.

So, don’t be disheartened even if you fail in the first few attempts.

Just keep trying it.

Frequently Asked questions

Q: What is the best stealth vape kit or pen?
A: Well, there are some bunch of great stealth vape pen out in the market.
You can try “UWELL Caliburn” (Pod vape), Lost Vape Orion, Brez Deluxe Pod System (Identical to JUUL)

Q: What is the best smokeless e-liquid?
A: You can buy “Vanilla Beech”, Kentucky Blend”, Original Blend”. These are some of the better smokless e-liquid in the market.


Its no secret that vaping is way better than smoking cigarettes.

But unfortunately, vaping is still a taboo in many regions and many countries.

And there is strict law out there enforced on vapers and there is also heavy fines and upper level punishment too if you publicly do vape.

That’s where “Stealth vaping” and “Zero Vaping” has come to the action.

First thing first, just be bold whenever you do these vaping.

Never consider the fact that you will get caught.

Remember only your fear will dry down the techniques and all this stealth and zero vaping will have no importance.

Better, gather some courage and practice more and more “Stealth Vaping” and “Zero Vaping” to be a ninja vaper.